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Simple Style For The Moderate And Minimalist

Ben Aref Is Not A Designer Cloth, It’s Your Cloth.

Ben Aref’s Deluxe Edition Baxata is limited but made you limitless. It is not a designer cloth; it’s your cloth.

Made From Japan’s Finest Toyobo Cotton

Round Narrow V-Style Collar

Fine Extra Bartack Sewn at every Garment Placket

Convenient Long-sleeve Design

I’m amazed by how this simple apparel suits me so well. I can wear this almost anywhere I go without losing any bit of confidence.

Rayyan Haykal

As a minimalist, I approved that this apparel should on the top of my list. Super comfortable and easy on the eyes.

Adam Mikael

This product should be on the top of the shelf among the best basic and minimal shirt ever. You can’t judge it until you wear it.

Syed Adenin

Exclusively For You

Clothes is a basic human need but what if we can make a shirt that is so basic is all that you need? Take a look at the first glimpse of happiness we are offering you, and you will never ever regret making this decision in your life.


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Furnish yourself with easygoing wear for urban minimalist.